Lagos Urban Development Initiative is currently undertaking five projects within Lagos centered around Mobility, Technology and Public spaces. Below are our current projects:

The Linear Park Project merges the concepts of non-motorised transportation and creation of parks and gardens within the cities and their attendant benefits. It seeks to sustainably connect and conserve wetlands in Lagos whilst promoting biking and bikeability and climate smart agriculture thus making the city more resilient and inclusive

This project is an extension of the Traffic Pilot Study in Lagos Island. It is aimed at carrying out a feasibility study on the use of cargo bikes for delivery purposes by the commercial and informal sector within the mapped area

This project seeks to look at simple and cost neutral measures and regulations which the local government can easily introduce to make the roads safer for school children. It falls in line with the Lagos Non-Motorised Transport Policy initiated in 2018 which aims to create an environment that supports increased accessibility by prioritising the use of walking, cycling, and public transport

The project therefore seeks to develop a framework guiding the allocation of land under LASPARK  authority for horticulture nurseries, community gardens and farms

The project therefore includes, among others, research into similar cases in other cities with federal structure, identifying a pilot street in cooperation with LAMATA, a design competition for a safe and useful bikeway on the pilot street and the initiation of the MoU process

Past projects:

Exploring the possibilities surrounding smart city concepts applied in the context of Yaba for sustainable management of its culture, economy and transport.

Creative Producers International is a leadership development programme that will enhance the skills and vision of fifteen Creative Producers from around the world to become the city change-makers of the future.

Exploring the benefits of promoting human powered transportation to reverse the course towards more private vehicle use in Lagos.