About the LUN Events: The Bridge Series

The Lagos Urban Network Bridge Series is a monthly series of talk sessions, dinners, film screening nights, debates and other events that bring together professionals and students interested in their city to come together and get engaged in conversations that enrich and promote their shared interests. These interests range from mobility, technology and space to the arts and public space. The event will have a small fee of N500 for students and N1000 for non-students.

The Objective

The primary Objective of the Bridge Series is to bring together two worlds of enthusiasts who coexist in the city space, but have been set apart by societal differences; the students and the professionals they may turn out to be. This division or break in proper communication channels has resulted in professionals who are oblivious of the humanities associated with their fields of practice.


Below are further details of the Bridge Series;

  1. The Bridge Series consists of talks, debates, dinners, pecha kucha, film screening, workshops etc.
  2. Participation in the Bridge series is open to anyone interested in engaging in dialogue on the city, for a token fee of N1000 per event (N500 for students).
  3. Episodes of the Bridge Series will be recorded and made available online.

Bridge Series 2018 Calendar – THE PREMIER SEASON

July 5th
Ep 1: Smart Cities; How smart are you?

In recent decade, many researchers and institutions have placed emphasis on developing and planning for smart cities now and for the future. This conversation has addressed policies, technology, architecture and planning, culture, economy and mobility in the city.
However, more often than not, these conversations ignore the more pressing matters of how the single individual; the citizen, affects the city.
Stephen Ajadi – Architect, Planner ACID
David Alozie – Digital Transformation Consultant
Tosin Aliyu – Researcher, Haverford College
August 2nd
Ep 2: A New Agenda For Architecture/Planning Education

We aim to discuss the current system of architecture and planning education in our institutions and put together, from various experiences and resources, a more efficient system of education in the concerned courses.
To do this, case study schools will be considered as well as well critical evaluation and review of the current system. This is due to the fact that concern has been raised about the bulk of courses, differing teacher motivation, standards and innovation in teaching methods.
Dr. Taibat Lawanson – Associate Professor, University of Lagos
Architect Seyi Akerele – Lecturer, University of Lagos
David Otasanya – Urban Planner (Student Speaker), University of Lagos
Dubem Ude – Architect (Student Speaker), University of Lagos
September 6th
Ep 3: Film screening – Citizen Jane
Films and documentaries tell a story of the past to help inform future decisions. Deliberations on how to move forward can be effective with the knowledge on past events having a similar scenario of the issue. Citizen Jane is a film that captures the challenges New York faced in developing a city that represents the actual needs of its people rather than government imposed plans. The movie tells a story of a city lobbyist Jane Jacobs who believed in her rights to influence decisions to be taken on the city.

October 4th
Ep 4: Bridge Series Dinner – Architect Seun Oduwole, SISA
A casual dinner sets a tone for personal conversations rather than the gap formality influences at conferences or events for dialogue. There is never room to have a session for personal interaction to help participants discover more of who they would like to be through these professionals. The Bridge series dinner is designed to provide an informal platform for students to have an opportunity to discuss with professionals in their field of interest. Students get to understand the journey of the individuals, decisions they had to make to progress through their line of work and the advice they believe can help guide them through their own journey.
November 1st
Ep 5: Pecha Kucha; About Public Space

A public space refers to an area or place that is open and accessible to all people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age or socio-economic level.
In this episode of our Bridge series, environmentalists and designers will discuss issues surrounding the design and use of public space in Lagos.
We want to have a discussion on the opportunities, challenges, benefits and effects of true public spaces in the Lagos Urban Context.
Papa Omotayo – Principal Architect, MOE + Art Architecture
Tope Adekoya – Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency, LASP ARK